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Posted on septembrie 7, 2008


I'am ...


Am citit recent aceasta lucrare mi-a placut si am pus-o bine intr-un colt pe disk dar ce farmec are daca nu ii foloseste cuiva aceasta lucrare.

The ‘Simple Web’ is about simplifying both our sites and ourselves (as

bloggers and webmasters) down to doing and adding only things that

help us get what we want.

These actions are divided into four practical spheres. This makes it

easier to work out whether an action fits into the philosophy. If it

doesn’t, drop it, and do something that does.

Si anume:

  • Gripping
  • Resonating
  • Interacting
  • Talking

Lectura placuta: The Simple Web

PS: Nu am tradus din motive lingvistice (mi se pare ca suna mai bine in engleza)

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